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China Communications Services Corporation Limited ("The Company") is a leading service provider in the PRC that provides integrated support services in the informatization sector. The Group offers telecommunications infrastructure services covering planning, consulting, design, engineering construction and project supervision; business process outsourcing services covering maintenance, distribution of telecommunications services and products, and facilities management; applications, content and other services covering system integration services and Internet services etc.


The Company is the market leader in terms of service capabilities, which include business integrity, operational scale and professionalism. We provide integrated services covering the key activities of the value chain of telecommunications operators and we have the ability to provide integrated solutions to our customers.



In 2012, the Company's total revenue amounted to RMB61,517 million, in which revenue from telecommunications infrastructure services amounted to RMB28,413 million, accounting for 46.2% of total revenues; revenue from business process outsourcing services amounted to RMB26,304 million, accounting for 42.7% of total revenues; revenue from applications, content and other services amounted to RMB6,800 million, accounting for 11.1% of total revenues.


All the major telecommunications operators in the PRC, namely, China Telecommunications Corporation ("China Telecom"), China Mobile Communications Corporation ("China Mobile") and China United Network Communications Group Company Limited ("China Unicom") are our customers. We also provide services to domestic non-operator customers including government agencies, industrial customers and small and medium enterprises as well as overseas customers. Our service coverage is spread across the nation and we have also extended our business to over 50 countries and regions globally. The Company's overseas expansion is mainly focused on markets such as Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


In 2012, the Company's total revenue amounted to RMB61,517 million, in which revenue from domestic telecommunications operator customers amounted to RMB39,745 million, accounting for 64.6% of total revenues; revenue from domestic non-operator customers amounted to RMB18,361 million, accounting for 29.9% of total revenues and revenue from overseas customers amounted to RMB3,411 million, accounting for 5.5% of total revenues.