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Business Process Outsourcing Services

The Company is the major service provider for business process outsourcing services in China's communications industry. The Company can provide customers with all-round quality outsourcing services including network maintenance, distributions services and facility management services.


Network Maintenance


The Company can provide telecommunications operators and corporate customers with maintenance services for communications network, computer network and radio and television broadcasting network, including communications pipeline maintenance, base station maintenance, broadband network maintenance, network equipment maintenance, terminal maintenance and network optimization.


The Company possesses Class A telecommunications pipeline maintenance qualification, Class A telecommunications base station maintenance qualification and Class 1 telecommunications engineering professional contractor qualification. The Company provides timely and quality network maintenance services for all operators, thereby ensuring uninterrupted network for telecommunications operators.


Distribution of Telecommunications Services and Products ("Distribution Business")


The distribution business of the Company mainly includes the procurement agency, retail and wholesale services for communications machineries (including handsets). Meanwhile, the Company is also engaged in services such as logistics, telecom agency service and retail outlets operation outsourcing and other services. The scope of services includes agency service for telecommunications business, fee collection, handsets sales and after-sales service, warehousing and delivery services, and import and export agency service, etc.


The Company provides services in the PRC and overseas market and possesses the qualification certificates of import and export enterprise and government procurement agency accreditation, etc. The Company has a high quality team of talents specializing in technology for communications industry and practical PRC and overseas supply chain management. The Company has established strong distribution channel with rich resources in self-owned stores and warehousing, and owns nearly 1000 self-owned and outsourced retail outlets or stores in 20 southern provinces. The Company's customers include many of the World's Top 500 Enterprises and well-known domestic enterprises. The Company has also formed various business strategic cooperation partnerships with telecommunications, media and technology companies.


Facilities Management


The Company's facility management subsidiaries are principally engaged in providing facilities management services for telecommunications operators, information and media operators. Our scope of services covers management, maintenance and security services for communications centers, equipment rooms and other telecommunications facilities. The Company owns extensive experience in the maintenance of intelligent buildings and the management of high-end commercial buildings.


The Company has the relevant industry qualifications, such as Class 1 property management enterprise qualification and intelligent building property management assessment enterprise qualification. The Company has standardized operation, with practical management experience for various types of properties, especially the special properties of telecommunications industry.