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Applications, Contents and Others

As one of the ICT service providers in China, the Company can provide our customers with a series of software development services, system integration services, Internet value-added services, voice VAS services and other services.


IT Applications


Our professional IT application services can provide system integration, network support services and software development services for telecommunications operators, information and media operators, government and other corporate customers. The scope of services includes support system development and services on the business operation support system and enterprise management support system, video surveillance operations, information security services and electronic payment.


The Company is committed to provide related total solutions to users in different industries, thereby satisfying high level demands of different customers. The Company has strong technical strength, with many engineers holding recognized professional certifications.


Voice VAS


The Company is committed to provide voice value-added services, such as outsourced call centre services and other voice VAS services for telecommunications operators, government and corporate customers. The scope of services includes customer service, marketing and promotion, proactive marketing, consultation and training, etc.


The Company has the qualifications such as the PRC value-added telecommunications business permit, the international value-added telecommunications network service operator and Internet service provider licenses, and we have good cooperation partnership experience with telecommunications operators. We have competitive advantages in service capability on voice value-added services.


Internet Service


The Company's Internet services can provide ISP access service and ICP content service, etc. The scope of services covers Internet information, video, games, e-commerce authentication and electronic payment services.


The Company has a number of business licenses and qualification certificates in the Internet service area, such as the telecommunications and information services business permit, radio and television broadcasting program production business permit. We have sound R&D capability in the Internet service area and we can provide customers with practical and feasible solutions.