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We are the largest communication planning groups, the largest communication service outsourcing group, the largest communication software group and the largest system integration group in China.

We can provide mobile networks, data networks, optical transmission network microwave, and other various communication networks, to solute the network planning, survey, design, construction and other network construction, optimization, operation and maintenance services, IT's application and development, system integration ICT whole total package service, and so on

CITCC, held by CCS, is the representative of national telecommunication of government economic aid projects. Since the 1960s, CITCC has done dozens of national projects. Especially, the company won the highest prize medals issued by Equatorial Guinea government.

Under the support from the EXIM Bank of China and China Development bank, CITCC has completed many one-stop solution including loan support and equipment supplying service, in DR. Congo, Tanzania, Cote d'ivoire and so on.


Why CCS :

    More than 40 years government project experience with government economic aid fund support

    Great enterprise reputation and powerful financing capability

    Strong capability in network design, equipment supply, network construction and operation maintenance